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Locating qualified candidates that meet your changing staffing needs can be a challenge. For over 30 years, Search Max has served a variety of industries, hundreds of clients and thousands of job seekers.  Our service offering are diverse and customized to meet your needs, your budget and industry.  Have a question? Want to discuss a custom plan to meet your requirements – give us a call or send us an email and we will contact you to discuss.

Contingency Search

No financial commitment is required to initiate the search.

  • Provides an opportunity to ‘test’ a new search consultant.
  • Good way to stay aware of top talent as it becomes available.
  • The fee is a percentage of first-year earnings—payable when candidate starts employment.
  • Replacement guarantee
  • A no-risk opportunity to add top talent to your organization.

Priority Search

  • Search consultant devotes the majority of his or her time to filling position.
  • A search coordinator allocates up to 50 percent of his or her time to project.
  • Screening of candidates either in person or by video conference is available upon request.
  • Clients are given exclusivity of candidates.
  • The fee is a percentage of the candidate’s first-year earnings plus expenses.
  • 1/2 of the fee is required upon commencement of the search.
  • The balance is due upon hiring of the candidate.

Retained Search

Contract Staffing

Let a Search Max professional recruiter handle your contract staffing needs. With our position of power and our unique competitive advantage, we can handle your special staffing needs quickly and efficiently.

Search Max Produces Immediate Results for Your Critical Needs Maximizing investment in human capital is a key opportunity for any organization. Contract Staffing allows you to quickly and efficiently resolve this challenge, so that you can get back to focusing on your key strategic initiatives. How does Search Max stand apart from other companies offering contract staffing? QUALITY. Our global network of recruiters utilizes proprietary methodologies built around securing the highest caliber candidates. Our contract employees have the same qualifications, expertise, and professionalism that you’d expect from your core employees.

Quantity. With more than 4,000 recruiters in nearly 1,000 MRI Network offices, Search Max have access to one of the most comprehensive databases of its type anywhere.

Adaptability. Utilizing a consultative approach, we deliver the appropriate staffing solution based on your company’s human capital needs. Our recruiters typically have real-world experience in the industries in which they recruit; they know who you need and how to reach them.

Our value to you


Search Max extensive database of talent, sourced from a wide array of industries, allows us to fulfill your unique staffing needs.


Contract-to-hire means that you can evaluate a candidate’s fit with your company before extending a more permanent employment offer.

Back Office Support:

Our dedicated team of back office professionals is highly trained in all payroll and administrative functions.


You get the resources you need, when you need them, without the overhead of permanent staff.


Outsourcing the people, processes, and technology needed to deliver an end-to-end recruiting capability. An RPO provider takes on program management, ensures process excellence, and provides a process for continuous assessment, and performance improvement, as well as technical systems and data management.

WHY RPO? Operational Benefits

  • More Qualified Candidates – State-of-the-art sourcing & networking tools
  • Focused Service Delivery – Dedicated team focused on recruiting only
  • Performance Based Model – Team and results managed against contractual requirements
  • Paradigm Shift – In-house HR professionals are freed to support the business

Financial Benefits

  • Actionable Metrics / Data – Business data captured and measured at every stage of hiring
  • Financial Leverage – Variable versus fixed cost structure = pay as you use services
  • Reduced Cost – Vendor flexes team as volumes change lowering overall cost structure
  • Reduced Risk – Consistent recruiting model / screening process, across all candidates

Strategic Benefits

  • Services Integration – Partner manages all services and leverages synergies of all parties
  • Technology Integration – Facilitated integration of hire data into HRIS system
  • Strategic Alignment – Partners aligns goals to drive business strategy
  • Support of Future Vision – Partner focuses to achievement of future vision

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