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Search Max is consistently regarded as one of the Top Recruiting firms in America. We originally opened in 1990 as Sage Consultants and have since experienced tremendous growth. Today we employ more than 15 full time Recruiters, Projects Coordinators and Research staff. As a member of the world’s largest recruiting franchise organization we are committed to success. Our recruiters have each gone through an intensive formal training program and many are CSAM certified. This  designation is granted only to those recruiters with 3 plus years of experience and $1,000,000 of individual production.  We are committed to staying a leader in the recruiting industry. Many of our recruiters have been featured speakers at Industry events and conferences and are considered experts in the Recruiting industry. We take great pride in our accomplishments as Recruiting Specialists. Our brand new offices offer our recruiters every tool necessary to ensure we are able to identify and recruit only the most talented candidates.

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